Yah'ki a Spiritual Holistic Teacher, Herbalist, Crystal Healer, Musician and Positive Speaker for the Black Community. Yah'ki has developed a unique skill of merging biblical and ancient mystical principles into a scientific perspective. His mission is to show the Black Community their true identity and provoke self-awakening to excel in this reality. To execute his mission, Yah’ki promotes and demonstrate unity, love, health and self-awareness amongst his people.

Alexander Hickman also known as “Yah’ki” born on July 11, 1988, in Alton, Illinois. Although, born in Alton, Illinois Yah’ki was raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. As an adolescence Yah’ki discovered his love for metaphysics, spirituality, and music. Growing up in Saint Louis, Missouri, Yah’ki witnessed and experienced the pain and struggles of life. Thus, the reason why he became intrigued to pursue a career as a motivational speaker and musician.
Witnessing the daily struggles of life is what feud Yah’ki into his spiritual and mystical practices. That’s when Yah’ki realized the condition of his people are due to hard bondage, malnutrition, unhealthy diets, and no spiritual guidance. He associated numerous problems with mental illness and ironically his Holistic Journey to health recovery begin.

To jump start his holistic journey, Yah’ki began to study the psychological damage and state of mind of many persons within his environment. He obtained knowledge from black leaders such as Dr. Sebi, Dr. Afrika, Elder Moreh Shaleem, Dr. Ben Clark, Dr. Amos N. Wilson and a host of others. Through giving back to his community and being passionate about curing individuals through the use of herbs, speaking, and writing music. Yah’ki has established his own youth foundation called “Black Messiah Project”. He travels and teach on many platforms in the black community and is well known for his music, holistic and spiritual teachings.


"Everybody is a genius . But if you

judge a fish by its ability to  climb a tree,

   it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

Albert Einstein

My mission is to shake and expose the deceitful tactics of this westernized system that has a strong hold on my people.

Furthermore,  to ignite the spark in their melinated, cosmic minds, while lifting the veils from their eyes. 

Once we realize that our subconscious mind have been programmed by the evils of this world and recognize that there is a diabolical plot to exterminate and eliminate the so called "black man and woman" off planet earth. Then and only then will we begin to question any and all things  they have ever told and taught us.

 For instance, who taught you religion, medicine, traditions, education, culture and language? All of these things mold and shape the cerebral frontal lobe and parietal lobe section of your brain cortex. These main functions of your brain exercise the emotions, creativity and intelligent pathways of your thinking. Everything mentioned, have been taught to you by the same westernized society that enslaved, raped, hung, murdered and castrated our people for thousands of years.


This explains the lack of love  health, wealth, intelligence, peacefulness, and other psychological dysfunctions we as a people experience in the so called 'black community'.
If we renew and fortify our thoughts and reach back into our DNA and activate the "Righteous Thinkers" whom built this very existence, then we will elevate back to who we were created to be. Which were Gods, Kings, Queens, Builders and Star travelers that were never meant to die!

Yes family, I've found the fountain of youth! It is our dark carbon (melanin), DNA, and our thoughts.
This website will provide you with ancient teachings, medicines, cultures and diets to recommence our minds to this ever open ended universe while  developing our God mind and bringing us back into one collective consciousness! 
Peace and Prosperity Sons and Daughters Of Light.



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